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I can bunny my motorcycle. Can you do that? Didn't think so.

I got accused the other day of having a "good heart". Wow. I get that I may have mellowed a little over the decades, but...good heart? This is coming from someone who hangs out with Wade Wilson, though, so go figure.

I found out all of three days ago that I could have fed on animals this whole time. That makes me feel very weird. And like spitting on Max's ashes again.

I believe in certain virtues. No seriously. Loyalty. Guts. Respect for freedom. Not being a total psycho pervert fucking asshole. And havin' a goddamn sense of humor already.

I'm a killer. Okay? I may be pickier about my targets these days, I may nibble on a cute, oblivious Gothette now and again, but if you fuck with me I will put you down, and take your blood while I'm doing it. If I like you, though, I won't touch you (unless you're into it). I'm not some sicko.

I once had a girl ask me to kill her because she was dyin' of cancer. If I can think of one thing that made me think about everything in my existence as much as losin' my boys, it was...havin' her thank me as she was dying. I mean, chemo blood tastes like shit, but there was something about her death that made me feel different inside. Clean. It was a weird feeling.

Flying is the only drug I need. The motorcycle tides me over until I can hit the air. I love the sky.

Yes. I have read Peter Pan.. Yeah. I liked it. For the record though, I got nothin' against pirates.


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